Ethical Business Growth Program

Transform Your Vision into Victory: Tailored Business Coaching for Unmatched Business Growth!

Seeking More Than Profit? Embrace Ethical Growth!

Join 'Ethical Business Growth Program' to not only boost your income but also reduce stress & live your aspirational life. Transform your business and yourself with integrity at the core. Ready for sustainable success? Let's grow together!


How can we help you grow your business?

There are 3 strategies to accelerate and dominate your leadership skills.

Marketing Strategy

Silently crafting tailored strategies for robust cash flow and effective marketing.

Mindset Coaching

Subtly shifting mindsets to foster a more productive and positive business environment.

Technology Simplification

Streamlining and automating processes to enhance efficiency without overt disruption.

Ethical Business Growth Framework

Proven Simple steps to help you grow


DREAM framework is all about attracting potential customers and making them aware of the business offerings.


Once leads are generated, the SPARK framework focuses on converting them into customers.


ACT Framework is all about putting plans into action and ensuring they work effectively.


To ensure long-term success, retaining clients is critical. CARE Framework provides exact steps for you to listen to your clients.


GROW Framework focuses on the overarching strategy for growth. 


SCALE Framework  focuses on creating a self-sustaining business. 


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- Sesh VS, Founder


Meet Your Master Coach

Join Sesh in the Ethical Business Growth Program. With 20 years in the IT industry and mastery in NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy, Sesh brings a wealth of transformative knowledge.

Honored with a Gold Medal 🥇 from the former Prime Minister of India, his extensive experience and diverse client success showcase the depth and adaptability of his methods.

This program is your path to enhanced leadership and communication, focusing on ethical and effective growth strategies. Dive into a journey of transformation and success with a seasoned mentor committed to your ethical business ascent.

Prepare to elevate your skills with a seasoned mentor committed to your success.

  • Proven Experience:  20 years in IT and recognized mastery in NLP and Hypnotherapy.
  • Diverse Transformation: History of achieving transformative results across various industries.
  • Ethical Approach: A commitment to ethical growth and leadership in every strategy.

What Others Are Saying About Us

Valery Testimonial - All in one Coach "Sesh VS"

"Coach, Consultant and Technologist - All in one"

Amazing support in all aspects of life! Business, psychological, life coaching, technical. all in one. I was looking for a business consultant to have someone to bounce ideas and found Sesh. Sesh is supporting my business development as well as all the other aspects of my life. He has helped me to budget, to make the right business steps, did a psych profile of me. His kind heart and knowledge combined make him absolutely priceless.

- Valery Topaz, Australia

Excellent Trainer Sesh VS

"Excellent Trainer with wisdom"

Seshadri is an excellent trainer who can articulate the subject in the best interest of the participant.

His sessions are easy to follow with practical experiences, wisdom and personable presentations which makes these sessions beneficial for the trainee.Thank you so much for these valuable training, I really enjoyed it and feel more confident in applying the learnings in my work.

- Prashanth, India

Very Knowledgable Sesh VS

"Very knowledgeable and provided excellent advice."

Sesh is very knowledgeable and generous with his time. His listening skills were astute.

He was able to provide us with excellent advice and gave us purposeful feedback. He is a highly skilled mentor.

- Janelle Cameron, Australia

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